Dan McElroy’s Questair Venture


I just finished my Venture, which was started 20 years ago. There are marriages that have not lasted 20 years, there are careers that have not lasted 20 years, and there are whole lives that have not lasted 20 years, so how do you stay working on a project for 20 years?

In this fast-paced world today, we all forget to smell the roses, walk the paths, take the time to say “Hi,” and listen to ourselves and do what we need to do to keep our sanity while encouraging our artistic side. Building is a journey, not an end result. A homebuilt is an expression of your artistic side, a way to connect with yourself and a way of life.

My first flight went well, and the engine break-in is proceeding well. I expanded the envelope to about 245 knots indicated (redline is 300), rolled it three times, experimented with the trim, flaps and controls, and know I have a lot more to accomplish. I intend to enjoy every phase of the journey.


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