DRE Previews Upgraded Headsets


Upgrades to the DRE Communications line of headsets are in the works, according to Sales Manager Pat Hartley. The mono DRE1000 headset will be replaced by the DRE1001, featuring the same flex mic boom already featured on the stereo PNR DRE4000 and the ANR DRE6000. Hartley said that the wire booms were not as elegant a solution for pilots as the flex boom, and did not allow precise mic placement or stable positioning. (They also tend to catch long hair.) The other major upgrade for all three headsets is replacement of the quick-connect main cable with a permanently installed main cable. Hartley said the plug-in cable connections tended to wear out and break with use, compromising audio integrity and clarity. Fabric-covered foam ear seals are standard with all headsets, and gel ear seals are available for an additional $15. Hartley added that the gel ear seals provide a better seal, especially if you wear glasses. All models will retain the gold-plated plugs, which provide better reception and conductivity, as well as reduced corrosion.The DRE1001 retails for $139.95, a $10 increase from the DRE1000, and will be available by about June 1.For more information, visit DRE Communications.


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