ECI Introduces Angle Valve Cylinders for Lycomings


Pilots flying Experimental category airplanes powered by Lycoming 360/480/540 engines equipped with angle valve cylinders will soon have a second option when its time to replace their cylinders. Engine Components, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas, recently announced that its version of this cylinder is now available for non-certified aircraft engines. Pilots flying certified airplanes using the same cylinders will have to wait a little longer, with approval for installation anticipated in 2010.

The Experimental cylinders are available in 14mm, 18mm or a mix of both spark plug bosses. Compression ratios of 7.3:1, 8.0:1 and 8.7:1 are available in narrow deck and wide deck barrel configurations.

The cylinder assemblies include ECI improvements such as high-chrome cast iron exhaust valve guides with Tru-Bore finishing, calibrated intake ports with venturi intake seats and increased wall thicknesses in critical areas. ECIs Nickel+Carbide bore coating, with a 60-month warranty against premature wear and corrosion, is also available.

Prices have not yet been announced. For more information, visit Engine Components, Inc..

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