RC Allen Now Selling Solid-State Attitude Indicator


For the last couple of years, Kelly Manufacturing’s General Manager Jim Turner has offered tantalizing glimpses of a work in progress, the RC Allen flat panel digital artificial horizon. Now that the new instrument has been fully certified under FAA TSO C4c, it’s not only available for sale, but in two different sizes as well.Designed as a drop-in replacement for existing mechanical electric- or vacuum-powered artificial horizons, both the RCA2600-2 and RCA2600-3 (for 2- and 3-inch instrument holes, respectively) will run on 9 to 32 volts, have no moving parts, and are lighter than the traditional instruments they replace. Current drain is only 200 milliamps, and both offer 360 degrees of pitch and roll. List price for either model is $2500, and the -3 version can accomodate an optional inclinometer.For more information, visit Kelly Manufacturing.


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