Dynon Adds to its Portable Avionics Line

Dynon D3 Pocket Panel
Dynon D3 Pocket Panel

Dynon introduced the D3, the latest edition of its popular Pocket Panel EFIS, and the DRX, a portable, dual-band ADS-B traffic and weather receiver.

Robert Hamilton, Dynon President, says, “Many pilots ask if we are replacing the popular D2, and the answer is yes! Our third generation D3 Pocket Panel portable EFIS adds new features like Synthetic Vision and a Touchscreen interface that customers consistently rank high on their wish lists, and all at a new lower price point. In addition to the D3 we are also introducing the DRX, a feature rich portable ADS-B receiver at an industry-leading price under $395.”

Dynon DRX
Dynon DRX

The latest edition of Dynon’s popular portable EFIS line — the D3 Pocket Panel — lets pilots supplement their unreliable legacy instrumentation with an affordable, portable electronic attitude indicator that works. Featuring a new synthetic vision display, improved brightness, an intuitive touchscreen interface, and an even lower price point, the D3 is the most advanced portable safety device Dynon has ever made. The D3 features the same reliable, proven AHRS engine that Dynon uses in its panel-mounted products for experimental, light sport, and type certificated aircraft. The D3 comes with a complete set of accessories, including home and airplane chargers, an optional external GPS antenna, and two unique mounting options. Both the included cockpit mounting options require no tools, allowing the D3 to be deployed in any aircraft with no FAA approval. The D3’s list price is $995, but at introduction pilots may find it available as low as $879 from authorized Dynon dealers. The D3 is available summer 2018.

The Dynon DRX is an affordable ADS-B traffic and weather receiver that is small enough to fit in a pocket, but can also last all weekend on a single charge. DRX supports connectivity with most mobile apps, including ForeFlight and FlyQ, for superior in-flight situational awareness. The DRX allows pilots to see the entire traffic picture with dual band ADS-B reception. Pilots also benefit from in-cockpit ADS-B weather products such as NEXRAD Radar, METARS, TAFs, and more. DRX additionally provides WAAS GPS position to mobile devices and has auto-dimming status lights for night flight. The DRX carries on the Dynon tradition of bringing affordable, high quality avionics to all pilots. It’s list price is only $395, but pilots may find it at dealers as low as $349. The DRX is available July 2018.


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