Emag Air Announces Pre-Airshow Sale on P-Mag Ignitions


Citing the new economic realities-that may keep many builders from attending the big airshows this year-Emag Air has decided that in place of the usual show specials, it’ll offer a “pre-show” special on the Model 114 P-Mag ignition system for four-cylinder Lycoming and Continental engines in Experimentals. The special is 30% off the normal $1185 P-Mag model. The P-Mag ignition system contains an internal permanent-magnet alternator to supply power in the event of a main-bus power loss. The P-Mag nominally operates on ship’s power. In addition, the P-Mag (like the alternator-less E-Mag) features variable ignition advance, integrated coils, and magneto-pad mounting.For more information, visit Emag Air.


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