Ensure the Safety of Auto Fuel with EAAs Alcohol Test Kit


With more states welcoming and even mandating ethanol in motor fuels for automobiles, the EAA has introduced a new alcohol test kit designed for pilots who use auto fuel in their airplanes. Whether flying an Experimental or one of the variety of factory-built airplanes with an auto fuel STC, the test kit offers and added safety advantage.

Why? The addition of ethanol creates chemical properties that are harmful to aircraft engines and fueling systems. It is critical for aircraft owners using auto fuel to know if the gasoline being used in their aircraft is pure. Some states do not require the marking of gas pumps indicating ethanol is present in the fuel, so EAA recommends that all auto fuel be tested before fueling an aircraft.

The test kit allows a pilot to make preventative tests on auto fuel even before the fuel is purchased for an aircraft. Simply pour water, then auto fuel, into the included test tube and shake it to mix the contents. When the mixture has settled (within 5 to 10 minutes), a gauge on the test tube indicates whether the water level has risen. An increase in the amount of water on the gauge indicates that alcohol is present in the fuel. The gauge will also indicate the percentage of alcohol.

The auto fuel Alcohol Test Kit costs $15 including shipping. It includes padded insulation for the test tube, so you can keep it in your aircraft without worrying about breakage. The test kit is easy to use and will last as long as the glass does.

For information or to order, call EAA at 920/426-4843 or visit http://www.eaa.org


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