Extreme Composites + James Aircraft


Prowling the Sport class pits we bumped into Jimmy Cox, the long time owner of Extreme Composites and now also the new(ish) owner of James Aircraft. Cox purchased James Aircraft in December of 2020.

Jimmy Cox

“We been building parts, like all the Team Rocket fairings, cowlings and all that for 20 years. But we wanted to expand and this is just a good add on.”

The combined operation of Extreme and James is based in Rockdale, Texas and aside from adding to the James line of RV glass parts no major changes are planned. One forced change is a move to high-temperature epoxy resins for the James parts because it is the only material now available due to supply chain disruptions.

As for new parts, currently RV-14 cowlings, plenum and induction pieces are under development for both stock and air conditioned applications.

Once the RV-14 parts are in production in just a couple of weeks the next project is to re-start RV-10 parts. Cox expects the -10 pieces to be available in a couple of months, so let’s call it after Thanksgiving and before Christmas.

All the previously existing RV parts are in production and the backlogs of earlier this year have been filled. Cox says new orders are now being filled within two weeks.

James Aircraft can be reached at jamesaircraft.com or at 512-429-8749.

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Tom Wilson
Pumping avgas and waxing flight school airplanes got Tom into general aviation in 1973, but the lure of racing cars and motorcycles sent him down a motor journalism career heavy on engines and racing. Today he still writes for peanuts and flies for fun.


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