FAA Approves Waiex and Xenos Kits for 51% Rule


The FAA completed full evaluations of the Waiex and Xenos kits from Sonex, Ltd. in October 2005 for compliance with the major portion requirement of 14 CFR section 21.191(g). Sonex announced that both kits were approved and now officially meet the 51% Rule, as its usually called.

The approval ensures all Waiex and Xenos builders will have a smooth road in registering their completed airplanes as Experimental/Amateur-Built. It also ensures that all non-U.S. customers whose governing aircraft agencies use the FAAs Listing of Amateur-Built Kits document for compliance can now build the Waiex and Xenos.

Both designs will be included on the FAAs next release of eligible kits. Until then, a copy of the FAAs approval letter may be obtained from Sonex.

Sonex unveiled both designs in 2003. The Waiex offers the same performance characteristics as the company’s popular all-metal Sonex kit, but it features a Y-tail. The Xenos is an all-metal, two-place motorglider designed for self-launch soaring as well as power-on cruise speeds of up to 130 mph.

For more information on any of the designs, contact Sonex at 920/231-8297 or visit their website at www.sonex-ltd.com.

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