Facchinetti RV-12


I took our Van’s RV-12 HB-YPI on her maiden flight on November 13th, 2019, in Yverdon, Switzerland after 7 years of on-and-off building in our 2-car garage.

The flight was short in duration but huge in pleasure, as can only mildly attest the grins on most our recent pictures… mostly after the milestone was achieved! This was followed shortly by a second flight with my partner in project (and life) Anne, also a pilot and eager to grab the controls. Our RV-12 flies beautifully, as a reward for the time spent in building it and wise choice of the make and type (for our requirements). If you read these lines with an idea to maybe build and fly your own airplane, well, go ahead! It will take time and dedication, but the exhilaration cannot be transcribed in words, it must be experienced.

The fact that we are two certainly helped along the process, but every successful builder obviously finds a way to achieve his or her goal. We’d like to thank all friends of the Experimental Aviation of Switzerland and regional subgroups.


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