FatBoy Stick Grip Introduced


Fat Boy Throttle Quadrants now offers a new grip for your aircraft control stick. Like the FatBoy throttle grips, the stick grips can be configured with military spec toggle or four-way hat switches with an additional push button. Each grip comes with a custom inside diameter stick adaptor for easy installation on any size control stick. The adaptor has a locking slot to ensure no slippage and a pass-through wire slot for a clean installation (no more wires down the side of the stick), the company says.

FatBoy control stick and throttle grips provide pilots and builders with a fully functioning “hands off throttle and stick” system and an aesthetically pleasing matched look between control grips.

Stick grips can be ordered with or without switches and, like the throttle grips, the stick grip is made with heavy duty, full size layer overmolded polypropylene material featuring palm swells and finger knurls.

Suggested retail prices range from $59 to $295.

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