Bob Talir's Flightstar II SC


My kit arrived on 2/9/09. After taking inventory, I began building and completed the plane in 480 hours over a 14 month period. First flight was on 7/17/10 at Troy Airpark in Troy, MO. I get great climb on takeoff after a ground roll of about 150 feet. It climbs at 60 mph, cruises at 65 mph and lands at 55 mph. Fuel burn is about 3.5 gph. With its light wing loading and thistle down feel in summer thermals, I tend to restrict my flying to early morning or late evening to find smooth air. My wife Nancy, who was very supportive throughout this project, likes to go up on calm evening flights to float along and look at our lush green countryside.

Location: Florissant, MO

e-mail address: [email protected]


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