Fly a Legend Cub with Cooperative Ownership


American Legend Aircraft Company announced a cooperative ownership program whereby its Legend Cub can be purchased for as little as $2900 down, and flown for as little as $28 per hour. The new program is available through

LetsFly has developed cooperative aircraft ownership programs, including discounts and benefits, for customers throughout the U.S. The LetsFly concept solves the myriad problems faced by pilots such as aircraft utilization, capitalization, insurance and financing.

Eldon Corry, president of LetsFly, said, “We have shown that our model works. The LetsFly Cooperative Ownership Program enables pilots to achieve their goal of aircraft ownership, and do it affordably. By combining all the aspects of aircraft ownership into a single, manageable package, we can offer an attractive solution to those who wish to fly often, but prefer not to rent. Participants also enjoy other benefits, such as pride of aircraft ownership.”

American Legend Aircraft Company offers the Light-Sport Certified Legend Cub at a ready-to-fly price of $109,895. The Legend Cub is designed specifically to meet Sport Pilot rules. It burns 4.5 gallons per hour. Service and maintenance are known factors with the proven 100-horsepower Continental Motors engine. The Legend Cub can cruise at up to 115 mph for cross-country trips, or fly as slow as 40 mph, perfect for leisurely scenic touring, the company says.

Under the LetsFly Cooperative Ownership Program, customers can be flying a brand new Legend Cub for as little as a $2900 down payment, based on a one-quarter-share interest in ownership. Monthly payments will vary depending on loan interest rate, but range from $365 to $430. Hourly operational costs (estimated at $28 per hour) are based on fuel and routine maintenance costs.

For more information on LetsFly, call 208/523-3073 or visit

For more on the Legend Cub, call 903/885-7000 or visit American Legend Aircraft.


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