Garmin Adds Software Download Features to GTN 6XX/7XX Series

Garmin GTN-650
Garmin GTN-650

Garmin customers have been asking over the years if they could install their GTN 6XX/7XX software upgrades instead of needing to work with a Garmin dealer who may be a great distance from the customer’s location. In response, Garmin announced that GTN V6.11, which includes features such as G3X Touch integrated radio tuning and user defined holding patterns, will be made available as a software download to EAB customers with non-certified aircraft.

A special non-certified aircraft service bulletin 1613 has been developed to provide the guidance for performing this upgrade. Garmin is encouraging customers to download the service bulletin first, read the instructions, and then determine if theuy still feel qualified to create the loader card(s) and perform the upgrade and installation verification. If not, the option of seeking assistance from a dealer is still available.

SB 1613, like the certified aircraft counterpart SB 1580, includes a GTN software upgrade, but also a GMA 35 boot block software upgrade (using a separate loader card) IF you have a GTN 750 installed in combination with a GMA 35 audio panel.

If you do not have a GMA 35 installed with a GTN 750, a single loader card is created and much of the service bulletin instructions are skipped that only apply to the GMA 35 software upgrade.

The company says they wanted to wait until the new web page links were available to announce, but didn’t want to risk more of its customers seeking out other installation assistance if they prefer to do this themselves and don’t mind waiting a few days when the web page download links are available.

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Garmin will update this announcement with details on the web links to download the service bulletin and software when available.

The company also expects to be able to provide these updates in the future to EAB non-certified aircraft owners perhaps sooner than the certified aircraft owners who must not only wait for the software to be TSO approved, but also wait for the STC update to be completed. The TSO approval will sometimes lead the STC approval by weeks to months depending on the nature of the upgrade.

Garmin GTN-750
Garmin GTN-750


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