Glasair Aviation Offers Limited-Time, 25% Discount on Two Weeks To Taxi Aircraft


Glasair Aviation has announced that positions for six “Two Weeks To Taxi” Sportsman 2+2 aircraft are available at more than 25% off the normal price on a first come, first served basis. Under this program, the six aircraft start at $118,999, including the build program. This version is powered by a 180-hp Lycoming O-360 and uses a fixed-pitch Sensenich propeller. Avionics are basic VFR. An upgrade to the fuel-injected IO-360 (still 180 hp) and a Hartzell constant-speed prop is available; cost of that setup is $124,999.In this economic climate customers sometimes forgo buying unless there is a compelling reason to do so. We’ve just provided a substantially compelling reason to buy a Sportsman-a 25% discount on a brand new, high utility/high performance airplane. says Mikael Via, Glasairs chief executive officer. For this brief moment and for a limited number of customers, Glasair is bringing back 1970s pricing!In addition to the short-term discount on the TWTT Sportsman program, Glasair Aviation is offering “expanded” services, including a three-day “Firewall Forward installation program.” Under this program, “Glasair, Glastar and Sportsman customers bring in their fuselage, engine, mount, prop and spinner and utilize the Two Weeks To Taxi processes and fixtures to install all firewall forward components and accessories in just 3 days!” A similar program to complete wing assemblies in three days is also being offered. Both programs are priced more than 30% off Glasairs normal builder-assist pricing.The factory is offering a new two-day program that allows builders to update their instrument panels. According to the company, “Customers who come to Glasairs Arlington, Washington Customer Assistance Center can take advantage of other limited-time offers with deep discounts on aircraft paint or annual inspections by trained factory personnel.”For more information on all of the building programs, visit Glasair Aviation or call 360/435-8533, ext. 232.

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