GRT Avionics Announces New Sport EX EFIS and Special Show Pricing



With its new 7-inch Sport EX EFIS, GRT Avionics has reduced the entry-level price point for an EFIS of this size. The unit starts at a ready-to-fly price of $1,500, and during AirVenture you can save $400 on standard VFR and IFR packages.

According to company president Greg Toman, “The design goal was to provide a more cost effective option for Experimental aircraft, and to allow a GRT Avionics EFIS to be a practical option in airplanes where expensive avionics can’t be justified. Our experience with our Mini EFIS was instrumental in developing the Sport EX, combined with a more extensive ‘buy the option you need’ business model.”

The Sport EX is software expandable at any time to a richly featured, high-end unit. This allows pilots to get the features they need now, without paying for things they don’t want. Software options also allow new capabilities to be added without removing the Sport EX from the panel.

Driving the Sport EX is the proven GRT AHRS, the only Experimental AHRS that is able to operate without GPS or airspeed aiding. Precision airspeed sensing is as low as 20 mph, and the sunlight-readable 800×480 screen is available with or without touchscreen capability.

The Basic EFIS Solution

As a basic primary flight display, the Sport EX provides attitude, directional gyro, airspeed, altimeter, vertical speed, slip indicator, and direct-to guidance. There are no spinning gyros or maintenance. Simply connect power and ground, pitot and static, and you are on your way for only $1500. You can add basic engine monitoring for only $200 more.

Full IFR Functionality

As an IFR solution, the Sport EX provides everything you would expect in a full-featured EFIS, including lateral and vertical autopilot coupling to GPS LPV navigators, and nearly all VOR/ILS receivers. The extraordinary pricing means that dual-screen redundancy and functionality is available for less than the price of a single larger screen competitive EFIS.

Show Special Packages

During AirVenture, the basic Sport EX can be packaged with synthetic vision, moving map, ADS-B displays, Bluetooth interface and six serial ports. Total cost is $2,000, a savings of $400 off the regular VFR standard package price.

The IFR standard package includes the basic Sport EX plus synthetic vision, moving map, ADS-B displays, Bluetooth interface, six serial ports, IFR autopilot, and a touchscreen. Total cost is $2,400, a savings of $400 off the regular IFR standard package price.

For more information, visit GRT Avionics at AirVenture at booth 3068 in Hangar C, or online at


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