Guardian Avionics Introduces New Line of USB Power Solutions for General Aviation Aircraft


iFDR-Power-250-101_USB-Ports-Unit-Cable-RightIn response to growing demand for USB power in general aviation cockpits as the use of tablets and smartphones becomes more common, Guardian Avionics has announced a new line of USB power solutions for both panel-mounted and remote-mounted applications. The new iFDR Power 250 series provides small, but highly capable power conversion, bringing 9 to 48 VDC systems down to 5 VDC at 2.1 amps to safely power most consumer electronics using a USB-A connection—including most smartphones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad. The iFDR Power 250 models were designed to be used as both standalone units and integrated with the popular iFDR Panel Mount line for iPhones and iPads currently offered by Guardian Avionics.

“Pilots and aircraft owners have struggled with makeshift methods of powering their tablets and phones in flight for years,” said Ash Vij, President of Guardian Avionics. “The iFDR Power 250 line offers a great solution to cut down on the cable clutter and provide safe and reliable power to keep you charged and connected at altitude.”

The new line includes three power unit models to fit any need in the cockpit. The iFDR Power 250-101 is a panel-mounted unit, offering two USB-A power connections while using only a .785-inch square cutout in your existing panel. The iFDR Power 250-201 is a remote-mounted unit that can be installed behind the panel and provides two hard-wired positions to add USB power directly to a component or to provide a Lightning cable connection for the iFDR Panel Mounts for iPhone 6 and 6+. The iFDR Power 250-301 is also a remote-mounted dual USB-A unit that is specially designed to mount directly on the iFDR Panel Mounts for iPad Mini and iPad Air/Pro 9.7-inch and provides power to the Lightning cable port on the mount, plus an additional remote USB power connection if needed.

iFDR Power 250-301 on iPad mount
iFDR Power 250-301 on iPad mount

“We designed these units to provide safe and reliable power at all times,” Vij continued. “Each unit has been designed with a feedback loop to keep the current stable and adjust automatically from 1 to 2.1 amps and will shut off the power flow once the connected tablet or phone has fully charged—preventing dangerous overcharging situations.”

Deliveries of the iFDR Power 250 series will begin the week of July 25th. Introductory pricing is as follows: iFDR Power 250-101 and 250-201 are $239.00 each and the iFDR Power 250-301 is $249.00. Guardian Avionics will have the full line on display at AirVenture in Hangar C, Booth 3143 and will be taking pre-orders there as well.

For more information, visit or call 520-889-1177.


iFDR Power 250-101USB Panel Ports
iFDR Power 250-101USB Panel Ports


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