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Ariana Rayment is an instrument-rated private pilot from Tacoma, Washington. She discovered her love of flying through her former purchasing role at Glasair Aviation. She loves the Reno Air Races, where she stands alongside Jeff LaVelle as his crew chief and pals around with her friends in Sport Class.

Coming of Age at Reno

As I start this month’s column, it hasn’t fully sunk in that I won’t be going back to Reno, but I still feel a...

Out of This World

I returned from AirVenture with a few story ideas and a horrible illness that prevented me from doing much of anything. “Might as well...

Reno Diaries 2023 – Ep. 4

Saturday morning was fairly slow. I fueled Race 39 bright and early and I was tired of answering the age-old question, “What kind of...

Reno Diaries 2023 – Ep. 3

Us Crew Chiefs haul everything from hardware to spare propellers (except if you’re me you forget basics like spark plug anti-seize. Thanks for the...

Reno Diaries 2023 – Ep. 2

Our team tends to get ourselves into late night projects so we don’t always get to hangout with the rest of the class in...

Reno Diaries 2023 – Ep. 1

When I think about growing up there are traditions that stand out to me like annual camping trips and the like—something to look forward...
Van’s Test Pilot Axel Alvarez got to take a break from flying the RV-15 and fly his RV-4

Wings Over Willamette

My fiancé and I (Brian and I got engaged a few months ago) were looking forward to doing nothing all weekend, but our respective...

Ari’s Oshkosh Video

A short but sweet look at my time at AirVenture. I ended up not taking as much video as I anticipated, but that’s fine...

Buy, Buy, Buy

Time to talk about the “parts” portion of my column tagline. I’ve been a professional buyer for over seven years and while I still...

A Trek Through the EAA Museum

A thunderstorm greeted us Wednesday morning, which called for a trip to the museum. Everyone and their flight instructor had the same idea as...

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Around the Patch

Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook discusses the relative merits of internal versus external antennas, after using his Glastar Sportsman 2+2 as a test bed. His conclusions have to do with both the material used to build the airplane as well as location of the antenna on the aircraft.

Synergy Air Energizes Builders

Thanks to a new course in Oregon, RV enthusiasts have another way to help finish building their airplanes more quickly and get flying sooner.
The Acme tailwheel suspension system installed on Ted Waltman’s SQ-2.

Matching a Tailwheel to the Terrain

The right tailwheel can keep you out of trouble in the backcountry.

Build Your Own Steel Shop Table

It’s a great alternative to wood.