Survey Results

Earlier this year, we asked our readers to tell us what they thought about KITPLANES and how we cover the Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft world. We were immensely pleased with the size of the response and want to thank those of you who took the time to complete the survey. We know it took 10 minutes of your valuable time, but we are confident that it will help us maintain our focus on the types of articles that you want to see. Don’t expect a major overhaul or significant changes to happen all at once—but expect to see small and incremental improvements based on your input.

Paul Dye
Editor in Chief

Culver Props

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article about the Culver prop family [The Dawn Patrol, June 2016]. It’s people like this that have made America one of the best places to fly around and meet wonderful, hard-working people in the aviation industry. More please, and keep up the good work!

–Todd Reifers

We are always happy to see these sort of stories as well, Todd. As much as we like to think that aviation is just about airplanes, it doesn’t take much digging to understand that it is as much about the special people that make up the aviation community as well.—Ed.

Where are the Ultralights?

I have been a KITPLANES reader for many years and have always enjoyed the content I find in each issue. I have noticed in recent years that there hasn’t been any coverage of ultralight aircraft like we used to see in the past. Is there a reason for ignoring this part of the aviation community?

–Rob Kindrell

You’re right—we haven’t been covering the ultralight community like we used to, but it’s not because we think they are less important than other parts of the aviation community. Many pilots today got their start in very light flying machines, moving on when they wanted more capability or performance—or had a bigger checking balance. The reason we aren’t covering them is because of the growth in the number of available kits for E/A-B aircraft and the desire to present detailed, in-depth coverage for our readers within the limitation of our magazine’s size. It’s simply a matter of adjusting the focus to a narrower range of machines, rather than providing too shallow of coverage over a wider field. There are other fine publications and web sites that cover the ultralights very well, and we consider those to be excellent sources of information. Our editorial staff loves all sorts of flying machines, but we simply keep KITPLANES focused on being “Your Homebuilt Aircraft Authority.”—Ed.


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