Music From the Heavens


Or at least the Sirius radio satellite system…PS Engineering has introduced what it says is the only complete audio system with satellite radio-the PMA8000-SR. Added to the company’s PMA8000 audio panel/intercom system, the internal Sirius receiver connects directly to the units dual entertainment channels and can be operated by a credit card-sized infrared remote control. A voice prompting audio annunciation system informs the pilot on the status of the Sirius selection.

The Sirius antenna is designed to be mounted on top of the glareshield. The Sirius network comprises more than 120 channels of commercial-free music, news, sports and talk radio; subscriptions are $12.95 per month to as little as $6.99 per month with multiple subscriptions.

In addition to the new Sirius receiver, the PMA8000 sports a six-station stereo intercom with IntelliVox automatic squelch and dual, parallel entertainment channels; part of the crew can listen to the Sirius input while another can listen to music piped in on an auxiliary line. The PMA8000 also features a full-duplex telephone mode for connecting to cell or satellite phones and a split mode that allows the pilot and copilot to use comm radios independently.

The PMA8000 can be installed new or used as a slide-in replacement for the Garmin GMA 340 audio panel. A marker-beacon receiver is standard while a digital recorder is a $129.95 option. The list price for the PMA8000 is $1995 plus $595 for the Sirius receiver. For more information, contact PS Engineering at 800/ICS-AERO or visit


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