MySky MS-1, an LSA with a Kit In Its Future?

The cockpit of the production MySky airplanes is made to feel like a luxury fighter jet.

The MySky MS-1 prototype is a clean sheet design that emphasizes the “sport” in Light Sport Aircraft. “We really wanted a little military fighter in the design and maneuverability of the tandem-seat MySky,” said Captain Timothy Plunkett, vice president of MySky Aircraft, Inc., based in Port Orange, Florida.

“We stuck to the ASTM and built this LSA with a Jabiru 3300 engine right to spec, using some old-school design tactics, including a wingtip based on the Horner NACA shape from the 1930s,” Plunkett said. “It worked, giving us a sweet flying airplane with nimble characteristics that stalls right at 45 knots.”

From that sweet flying LSA Plunkett and his designers are now branching out, and announced at Sun ‘n Fun the development of  turboprop and turbo-jet powered MySky’s that will be Experimental/Amateur-Built kit aircraft.

“The MySky fuselage lends itself to an Experimental airplane that can go fast, too,” Plunkett said. “And we envision the jet-powered version, married to a 10-G wing and powered by two 45 pound, 250-pound-thrust engines, will go as fast as 240 knots.” The jet airplane kit will have a useful load close to that of the LSA MySky (around 600 pounds), according to Plunkett. “It should be pure fun, like a little fighter, to fly,” he said.


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