NASA PAV Challenge Still Open


Its not too late for manufacturers to enter the CAF Foundation NASA Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) Challenge. The CAF Foundation has just learned that three of the teams entered in the 2007 event have dropped out of the competition for Light Sport Aircraft, so three slots are available. The prize is $250,000.


The annual competition, taking place August 4-11 at CAFs Flight Test Center in Sonoma, California, is designed to bring forth a new class of quiet, environmentally friendly and easy-to-operate air vehicles that extend convenient air travel to a greater sector of the public. Competing PAV vehicles will be flight-tested for their noise emissions, short runway capabilities, fuel economy, top speed and ease of use.


NASA experts believe this new class of aircraft will be the next step in Americas response to population growth and traffic gridlock, and PAV competition builds on NASAs Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) program development. NASAs vision is that PAVs will complement the NextGen air transportation system by offering consumer-friendly, on-demand air travel for short-range trips. Future PAVs may include vertical takeoff vehicles and solar/electric-powered emission-free aircraft.


Those who are interested should contact the Foundation immediately by emailing [email protected] or by calling 707/545-2233. Complete rules for the competition can be found at


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