New Garmin navigation databases bring cost-effective solutions to the cockpit


Garmin logoGarmin announced a new, cost-effective Garmin Navigation Database, single navigator bundles and all-inclusive OnePak database options for select Garmin avionics and portables. OnePak database packages allow customers to download databases to multiple Garmin avionics and one portable in a single aircraft for one low price. The Garmin Navigation Database and OnePaks are initially available for North America. These new packages and data services give pilots additional database purchase options, added flexibility and more simplicity associated with database management.

“For over 25 years, we have been supporting aviation data across our entire product line and pilots have trusted us with their navigation needs to help them get to their destinations,” said Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of aviation sales and marketing. “With the introduction of the new Garmin Navigation Database and OnePak options, we’ve created the most convenient and affordable way to keep aviation databases up-to-date within Garmin avionics.”

New, cost-effective Garmin Navigation Database

The Garmin Navigation Database offers a trusted and convenient path to incorporate the latest database information within select Garmin avionics. Data such as instrument procedures, frequencies and airport data are included in this database, which offers cost-effective solutions for VFR and IFR flight. For example, U.S. coverage of the new Garmin Navigation Database starts at $129 for a single update and $299 for an annual subscription for the GTN™ 650/750 touchscreen series or GNS™ 430W/530W navigators.

Single navigator bundle

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Database subscription bundles are available for a single Garmin navigator such as the GNS 430W/530W starting at $449, which includes the Garmin Navigation Database, Obstacles and Terrain. A single navigator bundle for the GTN 650 starts at $499 and includes the Garmin Navigation Database, Obstacles, SafeTaxi® and Terrain.

OnePak annual database updates for an entire aircraft, including a portable

Pilots are offered significant savings with OnePak annual database subscriptions, which combines the Garmin Navigation Database with many other Garmin databases to provide additional data options that suit their needs. For one annual price, databases within OnePak subscriptions can be downloaded to multiple Garmin avionics and one qualifying portable in a single aircraft. A variety of economical regions are available, such as the United States OnePak for $649, which includes the Garmin Navigation Database, AOPA Airport Directory, IFR enroute charts, VFR sectional charts, Obstacles, SafeTaxi, Terrain and Basemap for compatible products. The purchase of a U.S. or North America OnePak subscription also provides existing Garmin Pilot subscribers with an upgrade to Garmin Pilot IFR Premium with coverage in the U.S. on Apple or Android mobile devices at no additional cost.

The Garmin Navigation Database bundles, single navigator bundles and OnePaks are compatible with the following certified avionics:

  • GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigators
  • GNS 430W/530W navigators
  • G500/G600/G500H glass flight displays
  • G1000®, G2000®, G3000® and G5000® Integrated Flight Decks1

Compatibility is also extended to the following portables and experimental displays:

  • G3X™, G3X Touch and G900X® glass flight displays
  • aera® 660
  • aera 795/796 series
  • aera 500 series
  • GPSMAP® 696

For global customers, PilotPaks offer cost-effective worldwide coverage. To purchase and download the new Garmin Navigation Database, single navigator bundles or OnePak database subscriptions and to view additional database pricing or coverage information, visit:

Simple wireless database updates with the GTN 650/750

With a GTN and the newly announced Flight Stream 510, pilots receive the added benefit of wireless database transfer using a mobile device, further streamlining the database update process. Flight Stream 510 is a small, patented Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®-enabled MultiMediaCard (MMC) that enables communication between the GTN 650/750 series and two compatible Apple or Android mobile devices operating Garmin Pilot. Wi-Fi connectivity is specifically for Database Concierge wireless database transfer and Bluetooth allows for a wide variety of additional capabilities such as flight plan transfer and more. Customers can easily incorporate wireless technology into their aircraft with the latest GTN software update and Flight Stream 510, as no wiring changes or complex installation considerations are required.

GNS 430W/530W all-in-one card programmer

GNS 430W/530W customers in North America can now purchase, manage and update database subscriptions of all types from the flyGarmin® website using Garmin’s USB Aviation Data Card Programmer. GNS 430W/530W database types that are available include the new Garmin Navigation Database, Obstacles and Terrain. The Garmin USB Aviation Data Card Programmer for the GNS 430W/530W is available for purchase on for $69.95.

Expanded IFR chart coverage for portables and Brazil SafeTaxi  

Caribbean IFR enroute chart coverage is now available within the U.S. IFR/VFR charts database on several products, including G3X Touch, Garmin Pilot on Apple mobile devices, as well as the aera 660 and aera 795/796 aviation portables. Additionally, SafeTaxi geo-referenced airport diagrams are now available throughout Brazil within Garmin Pilot. For select portables, IFR chart coverage for Central America and portions of South America, as well as expanded SafeTaxi coverage to include Brazil are expected in Q3 2016.

For additional product information, visit:


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