New Pricing for Dynon Portable EFIS for Certified and Experimental Aircraft

Dynon Avionics D2
Dynon Avionics D2

Dynon Avionics’ D2 Pocket Panel is the only portable, self-contained EFIS designed for use in any aircraft. Built with the same solid-state attitude technology used in other Dynon products, the D2 can be a life-saver for GA pilots faced with a vacuum pump or gyro failure that would normally result in a high-workload, partial-panel scenario.

The D2 Pocket Panel Portable EFIS will be available at AirVenture at the lowest price ever. With a list price of $1095, pilots can expect even better pricing from dealers at the show.

Stocking dealers at AirVenture include Aircraft Spruce, Pacific Coast Avionics, and Gulf Coast Avionics. More information about the D2 can be found at


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