New V6 Com Radio from MGL


MGL Avionics has announced availability of its new V6 Com radio. The V6 is a small 2.25 inch com radio (it fits in a round instrument panel hole) for the Experimental and LSA market. The V6 features 6 watt transmit power at low power consumption, full stereo VOGAD intercom for up to a four-place aircraft, Pilot Isolate modes, and for the first time on an MGL com radio, standard rotary knobs for frequency and volume selection that allow tuning in big steps when the knob is turned quickly or in 25-kHz steps when turned slowly.

The V6 will operate on both 12-volt and 24-volt systems. Also, like its older sibling the V10 Com, the new radio can be remote controlled via an EFIS for frequency selection. It offers both a high-powered radio and a full-featured four-place intercom.

Other features include:

Stereo intercom for stereo music listening when a music player is connected to the aux audio input. Music mutest automatically on receive/transmit. Two mono inputs are for EFIS alarm anunciators and phone connection.

Four microphone channels for independent level/VOGAD (voice-operated gain-adjusting device) settings for each mic in a four-place aircraft.

A weight of 8.8 ounces.

Digital interface with which you can set the frequency on the radio from any MGL EFIS or any equipment capable of setting frequency on an SL40 radio.

Sunlight readable LCD display.

100 channels with alpha-numeric frequency name and function (when the radio is operated in channel mode).

Dual scan priority on active using single transceiver.

SL30 and SL40 communications compatible with MGL extensions to enable full remote control of entire transceiver with status feedback.

Digital audio subsystem for sound quality.

The price is $1095.

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