Oregon Aero Announces Seat Cushion Upgrade Discount


Oregon Aero is offering up to $500 off of its VK SmartCushion seat upgrade through May 31. The offer is $250 off of any single seat upgrade, and $500 off on any two single-seat VK SmartCushion upgrades. The company is also working with Aircraft Banking Centers of Locust Grove, Georgia, on financing and refinancing for these seat upgrades.

The VK SmartCushion offers pain-free flying and meets all FAA specifications, Oregon Aero says. The highly engineered custom cushion is hand-made in Oregon, with more than 20 different pieces and materials, including visco-elastic foam. The cushions design shifts the hips, pelvis and back into a proper pain-free position, minimizing fatigue and lower back pain, the company says.

For more information, call 800/888-6910 or visit Oregon Aero.


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