Cargo Pod/Motorbike Combo Coming Soon for RV-10


MotoPOD has announced that it is starting production of cargo pods that allow pilots to carry a street-legal motorcycle or other items underneath light airplanes. The company says that after the plane has landed, it takes only up to 5 minutes to remove the motorcycle, unfold the handlebars and ride away. Among the new features in the pod is a removable cradle that holds the motorbike securely during flight. The cradle may be removed to make space for bulkier items such as camping gear, golf clubs or luggage. Pilots can carry either their motorcycle, or up to 250 pounds of cargo, without adversely affecting the aircrafts CG, the company says.

Empty weight of the composite pod is 50 pounds. The street-legal supermoto is a 223cc, 17-hp motorcycle with a dry weight of 220 pounds, top speed of 85 mph and range of 150 miles. The idea is to bring your ground transportation with you.

MotoPOD is currently in the process of producing pods for the Vans RV-10, with first deliveries expect in May. Certified installations are planned for the Cirrus SR-22, Cessna 182 and other popular airplanes. The introductory price for the RV-10 is $7995 for the pod and $9995 for the motorcycle.

More information and a demo video are available at MotoPOD LLC.


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