Radial Rocket Sub Kits Now Available


A sub kit purchase program is now being offered by Altitude Group, LLC for the Radial Rocket TD aircraft, allowing builders to stage their projects according to their own schedule and budget. The elements of the four sub kits for the tailwheel version are the horizontal stab kit ($8935), fuselage kit ($20,980), wing kit ($29,750) and finish/final assembly kit ($14,985) for a total sub kit price of $74,650.

In addition to the standard kit and the sub kits, there is a fast-build option ($17,500) for the Radial Rocket, which has the majority of the fuselage and wing structure preassembled at the factory, saving 400 to 500 hours of build time, according to the company. Customized builder assistance is also available.

The two-seat, M-14P-powered Radial Rocket features a composite airframe designed for aerobatic flying. In addition to a fixed tailwheel landing-gear configuration, the company recently made a retractable trigear (RG) version available for pilots less experienced with conventional landing gear.

For more information and demo videos, visit www.RadialRocket.com or call 913/634-8531.


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