P85 Phase I Flight Testing Complete


P85 Prototype_01

First flight of the P85, developed by Altitude Group LLC, took place at Johnson County Executive Airport in Olathe, Kansas in December, 2014 and phase I flight testing has now been completed. The P85 is a development of Altitude Group’s fixed-gear tailwheel-equipped Radial Rocket.

P85 design philosophy is centered on a very economical 400 horsepower firewall forward power plant installation utilizing high quality liquid cooled V8 engine technology.

LLC Manager Jeff Ackland states: “Combining V8 power with a very capable and proven airframe design has resulted in a new benchmark for high performance with economy of acquisition and operation.” The P85 features a rugged composite airframe designed for aerobatic flight. A spacious and comfortable cockpit accommodates pilot and copilot in tandem seating arrangement.

P85_Prototype_02The P85 is powered by an all aluminum, 402 cid, 400+ HP liquid cooled V8 engine utilizing LS engine architecture. To maximize the performance / economy equation the P85 features a fixed pitch prop (3 blade, 80inch diameter) produced by Catto Props. The fixed main landing gear design features compression springs housed in telescoping steel tubes – simple and low-maintenance.

The P85 features a one piece wing with two full length I-beam spars utilizing carbon fiber spar caps resulting in maximum strength for minimum weight. The wing incorporates restyled “swept” wingtips and a new vertical fin/rudder shape, for increased yaw stability. A Natural Laminar Flow airfoil design combined with a slotted flap system provides excellent airfoil performance throughout the speed range. Flaps are actuated electrically.

P85_Prototype_03P85 Specifications

Seating / Two, Tandem
Engine / V8, Liquid Cooled, 402 cid, 400+ Horsepower
Prop / Catto, 3 Blade, Fixed Pitch 80 In. Diam.
Wingspan / 26.8 Ft.
Length / 22.2 Ft.
Cockpit Width / 34 In. Pilot, 30 In. Copilot
Wing Area / 93.9 Sq. Ft.
Empty Weight / 1675 Lbs.
Gross Weight / 2475 Lbs.
Useful Load / 800 Lbs.
Baggage Capacity / 12 Cu. Ft.
Fuel Capacity / 65 Gals. Vmax @ 7500 ft MSL
Cruise, High Speed / 252 Mph
Cruise, Economy / 220 Mph
Range, Econ. Cruise, 30 Min. Reserve / 1000+ sm
Climb / 3200+ Fpm Solo, 2000+ Fpm Gross
Vso, Stall, Flaps Down / 70 Mph (61 Kts)
Vs1, Stall, Flaps Up / 85 Mph (74 Kts)
Vne, Never Exceed Speed / 290 mph

The P85 is available as a Streamline Airframe Kit starting at$49,950. Customized builder assist services are available up to and including a ready to fly P85.

For more information contact: Altitude Group LLC
email: [email protected]
Phone 913-6348531

Flight Testing Video:




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