Streamline Radial Rocket Airframe Kits Available


Altitude Group LLC announced Radial Rocket Streamline Airframe Kits, which offer all of the Radial Rocket-specific airframe parts–molded composite parts, canopy and windshield, landing-gear struts, CNC and machined metal parts, the assembly manual and templates–but also allow builders to buy directly from suppliers common and over-the-counter hardware, materials and equipment previously included in the airframe kit. Builders will receive a detailed list of the materials and OTC hardware used in the airframe assembly process and sources in the kit, so these materials can be acquired as needed per the builder’s schedule (a complete list is available on the company’s web site).

Altitude Group’s Jeff Ackland sees the Streamline kit as a win-win. By acquiring common hardware and materials from vendors such as Wick’s or Aircraft Spruce, builders will save about $9000 over the previous airframe kit pricing, and the company avoids having to warehouse these parts. Further, this portion of the builder’s investment in the project can be spread out over time, instead of being incurred all at once.

In addition to Streamline Airframe Kits, a fast-build option and custom builder-assistance services are available.

For more information, call 913/634-8531 or visit


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