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Positioning itself as a “new entertainment sports league that combines the exhilaration of racing with the power of rocket engines,” the Rocket Racing League announced that it will stage its first exhibition race at Oshkosh this year. The vehicles will be liquid-oxygen-fueled rockets in modified Velocity airframes. Three more exhibition races will be held at Reno (September 10-14), at the X-Prize Cup (Las Cruces, NM, date TBA), and at Aviation Nation, Nellis Air Force Base (November 8-9).

No doubt to ensure an adequate supply of airframes, RRL’s subsidiary, Rocket Racing Composite Corporation, has purchased Velocity Aircraft. It is expected that Velocity will continue selling and servicing the Velocity as an Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft.

According to RRL, “Under the terms of the agreement, Velocity Aircraft will become a wholly owned division of Rocket Racing Composite Corp. and will produce an airframe that will be consistent for all competing Rocket Racers. Through a rigorous research and development, all Velocity-constructed Rocket Racers will be equipped with the safest-possible airframe for any kind of aircraft. The cockpit seats for all Rocket Racers will be reinforced to withstand impacts up to 20G load and other safety measures will be added using a methodology similar to that of F-1 and Indy Car to better protect pilots and passengers alike.”

According to the press release, “Scott Baker, president of Velocity, Inc. offered his enthusiastic remarks that, ‘Velocity is truly excited to be a part of Rocket Racing. Many of the technology advances that are planned for the Rocket Racer models transcend and offer performance and comfort benefits to Velocity owners who use their aircraft for personal and business travel.’ “

No word on the availability of the rocket engine for homebuilders.

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