Ron Bearer Jr.’s Baby Great Lakes

Builders share their successes.


My wife, Rocio, found this project for me to help fill my need and passion to fly upside down. We stripped it to the bare metal and rebuilt it from the ground up. A new set of plans was ordered, and sections of the frame were redone to fit my height and weight. New cables, pulleys, turnbuckles and instruments were added. Every part made of wood was also built from scratch, including the stringers, floor, seat and instrument panel.

The most exciting part of the rebuilding process was the fabric. The Poly-Fiber system was easy to follow, and it was motivating to watch the aircraft transform from a frame into a plane.

My KINeSYS Baby Great Lakes climbs at 2000 feet per minute and has a cruise of 120 mph, burning only 5 gph using the Continental A-80 engine. Designed and built for aerobatics, it has a Vne speed of 220 mph and is stressed for +/- 9 G. After 800 hours of building, the fun begins!

Read more about this aircraft.


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