RotorWay Moving toward Certified Heli with Acquisition


Arizona-based RotorWay International announced that it has acquired PMC Machining and Manufacturing of Phoenix, accelerating its plans to build an FAA-certified two-seat turbine helicopter. RotorWay says PMCs 20 years of providing quality manufacturing for the aerospace industry and AS9100 Rev. B and ISO 9001:2000 certifications will enable the company to be uniquely positioned to build the two-seat turbine, and give it a leg up toward FAA certification. The certified turbine heli is intended to be a moderately priced alternative for use in training, commercial applications, private piloting, aerial photography, film and news production, and military or law enforcement. Says RotorWay CEO Grant Norwitz, We want to make turbine training competitive to piston in cost per hour with the cockpit environment of established small and medium helicopters already available.

For more information, visit RotorWay International.


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