Searey Introduces New Frise Aileron, Sliding Canopy, and Paint Scheme.



Progressive Aerodyne, manufacturer of Searey light sport amphibious airplanes, has developed a new Frise aileron for all new Searey factory-built and kit-built airplanes. The new aileron provides more balanced and responsive control, especially in severe conditions and wind gusts. Progressive Aerodyne conducted extensive static load and flight testing on the new aileron, and the results exceeded the design standards and expectations. The new aileron can be retrofitted to all Experimental and SLSA Seareys.

To accommodate taller pilots, Progressive Aerodyne has redesigned the Searey’s sliding canopy, adding three inches in height. The new canopy can be open in any position during flight, allowing the breeze to blow through the cabin.


Last, but not least, factory-built Searey Elite and Sport model airplanes will a have a sleek and stylish new paint scheme for 2015. The new scheme can be viewed at the Searey booth during AirVenture 2014. For more information, call 352-253-0108, send an email to [email protected], or visit



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