Sensenich Introduces New Experimental Props


Sensenich has had good success with its series of hollow-core, ground-adjustable composite propellers so it has introduced three new propellers for Continental and Lycoming engines plus a three-blade prop for Van’s RV-12.

Build in three basic configurations, the props for the Continentals and Lycomings are created for roughly three speed ranges. For STOL aircraft, Sensenich’s new prop has an 82-inch diameter (trimmable down to 78 inches). A mid-speed prop, for aircraft cruising around 150 mph, has a 76-inch diameter trimmable down to 72 inches. And the new prop for faster aircraft such as the Van’s RV series, is a three-blade design with a 68-inch diameter. 

All of Sensenich’s new composite props are ground adjustable and use a unique tool system so that changes in pitch are repeatable and consistent from blade to blade. You loosen the blade in the hub, insert the tool for the pitch you want, turn the blade until the tool is captured, then tighten the hub. 

The Rotax versions that are new have three blades and a diameter from 72 to 65 inches. Testing by Van’s revealed similar cruise speeds as the two-blader but with slightly better climb performance. 

All these props come with stainless-steel leading edges and aluminum hubs. 

Prices range from $3500 to $4250 and include all mounting hardware. Spinners are also available for $575 to $650. 


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