Sensenich Introduces New Rotax 912 Prop, Small Lycoming Version Coming Soon


Sensenich Propeller announced a new composite three-blade, fixed-pitch, ground-adjustable propeller last month that uses an innovative pitch-setting “slug” said to greatly improve blade angle accuracy. Called Precise Pitch, the replaceable cartridge sets the individual composite blades’ angle in the two-piece hub. The composite blades have a full-length metal leading edge for abrasion protection. The three-blade is intended for the Rotax 912, 912S, and 914, but Sensenich continues development of a larger version intended for the Continental O-200 and IO-240 as well as for the Lycoming O-235. Sensenich is also expected to announce a version of this prop for the Lycoming O-320 at the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in in Lakeland, Florida.Prices for the three-blade have not been set, but the smaller versions of the two-blade prop with the new pitch-change mechanism start at $2556.For more information, visit Sensenich. Sensenich also has a short video about how the pitch-change cartridge can be changed quickly, which is available here.


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