Kuntzleman LED Landing Lights


Kuntzleman Electronics introduces the latest addition to its LSA and Experimental line of aircraft lights called LTR, which stands for landing-taxi-recognition. The LTR consists of nine bright LEDs, focused through special lenses, resulting in a white beam of light that has been measured at 2.5 times the brightness of a 55-watt halogen lamp (while drawing a third of the current) and 1.5 times the brightness of an HID lamp at about the same current, the company says. Powered by 12 to14 volts DC, the LTR draws only 1.35 amps. Its dimensions are 3 inches in diameter and 1 inch deep, and it weighs less than 6 ounces. If you want it to flash on and off, you can use an LED flasher from your local auto parts store.The price is $234. For more information, call 610/326-9068 or visit Kuntzleman Electronics.


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