SubSonex Personal Jet Now More Affordable


SubSonex Jet

Sonex Aircraft announced a new sales strategy for the SubSonex Personal Jet, with a drastically reduced airframe price to put this unparalleled aircraft into the hands of more pilots. The SubSonex package is now available in separate purchases of Airframe, PBS TJ-100 engine, optional BRS package, and other optional accessories. The SubSonex airframe is available as an EAB-compliant Quick Build kit package for $42,000. The very-complete airframe kit only needs engine, avionics, upholstery and finishing materials in-order to fly, offering a “Sub-100 SubSonex” kit plus engine package for $97,000, and allowing customers to split those costs over the span of the aircraft’s build time.

“At this phase of the aircraft’s development, many previously-unknown cost factors have been defined, and we can apply more-efficient costing and Quick Build construction processes to produce the kit,” remarked Sonex GM Mark Schaible. The SubSonex program has reached a tremendous level of maturity in its design and production phases of development. The aircraft has reached a level of maturity when it comes to flight test and fleet hours with reliable service as well, thanks in large part to the efforts of Bob Carlton: flying many test flight hours in JSX-2 N141SJ, plus multiple aerobatic performances (day and night) at 9 airshows during the 2015 show season with many practice and media flights. In addition, Sonex now has its second JSX-2 prototype flying, N241SJ, along with first flights of the first customer-built SubSonex by Redge Greenberg. Milestones in pilot certification have also been passed, with 10 LOA’s issued to-date for the SubSonex design, which further cements a place for the SubSonex within FAA policy. “We have a great airplane that has been thoroughly tested, refined and well-proven,” continues Schaible, “an airplane that satisfies the wildest flying dreams of most pilots: to own and fly a little aerobatic jet ‘fighter.’ We need to make the dream a reality for more pilots, and get back to our ‘Reality Check’ roots by making this fantastic aircraft design attainable to more pilots.”

The SubSonex can be seen in the Sonex booth NE-11/29 and in the air over Lakeland next week as 2015 Bill Barber Award winner Bob Carlton returns to Sun ‘n Fun with his impressive SubSonex aerobatic airshow act, along with several showcase fly-by’s throughout the week. Bob will by flying both his aerobatic day show and his legendary “Fire & Lights” night pyro aerobatics at SNF 2016. For a preview of Bob’s amazing SubSonex jet routine, see our new AirVenture 2015 airshow video on the Sonex Aircraft YouTube channel:

Sonex Founder John Monnett and Bob Carlton will present an informational forum about the SubSonex Personal Jet at Sun ‘n Fun on Friday, April 8th at 9am in forum classroom 9.


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