Sun N Fun News: Products Galore!


Aerox Aviation Systems unveiled a photoluminescent O2 gauge and flowmeter this week, sporting a fresh patent received the previous Friday. Made of the same kind of material used for exit strips on commercial airliners, the inflight glow will last up to 32 hours. We like the upgrade just for the preservation of your night vision-no more O2 level checks with the flashlight. The O2 gauge retails for around $32, and the flowmeters retail price is $60.


Accuracy Avionics, a new custom panel shop started by former Lancair employees, features panels for any Experimental aircraft, particularly the RV-10, -7 and 9. Overhead panelwork is also available to dress up the RV-10. They developed the Panel Wizard panel planner software for their own use, and its available free to customers. The ultra-accurate program allows you to drag and drop a myriad of parts and components to your panel template, display any measurement, as well as to zoom into any area on the panel to measure clearances. The typical panel takes about three months, and pricing is customized to your design.



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