Sun N Fun News: Friday Products


Zaon-Garmin Interface
The Zaon Flight Systems signage advertises that  its XRX traffic collision system plays well with others. The monochrome LCD display of the XRX comes to life when interfaced with third-party systems such as the Garmin 396/496, AnywhereMap, VistaNav, TrueFlight, among others. Pre-396 Garmins wont work because of their inability to process the Mode S TIS data, but Zaon notes the interface will work on the 396 and newer. The XRX unit retails for $1795, but is available for $1695 through the end of the show. The Garmin interface cable is available from Zaon for $75. For existing XRX customers, the company will upgrade the unit for free, and will pay for the shipping to boot.


Flight Guide Online

The Flight Guide Online lineup of services just got a little deeper. The Western States region will be online within 30 days, and hotel and car reservations will be accessible through a interface. Also, content from Pilot Getaways magazine is available in conjunction with your flight planning functions provided by this flexible and robust online companion to the venerable brown-covered Flight Guide. The online content may also be viewed offline, using FlightPreps Chart Case software on a PC or tablet. Accompanying satellite maps for each airport are accessed through Google Maps and Google Earth. The FGO Download Viewer is available for $19.95 (tablet not included.


McMurdo SmartFind 406/GPS EPIRB

McMurdo SmartFind 406/GPS EPIRB made its aviation debut at Sun n Fun (after the folks at the Miami Boat Show got a crack at it). A 12-channel GPS built-in option is available. Featuring a 406 MHz transmitter and a 121.5 MHz homing frequency, this rugged unit can be manually or automatically released. An LED strobe light adds to its visibility, and the battery life is guaranteed for five years. It also sends a global alert to Cospas-Sarsat satellites, with a typical alert time within three minutes. The 406 GPS EPIRB retails for $750, and comes with a five-year warranty.


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