Teen-built Homebuilts

GAMA/Build A Plane Sportsman

One inspiring but not so obvious feature at AirVenture near the forums plaza is the display of teen and high-school built kit planes, showcasing what amazing things can happen with a little guidance and a lot of effort.

Naples Youth Aviation Project Sling 2

Overwhelmingly popular, the Vans RV-12 makes up the majority, with a total of five parked in the lot. Joining them are one Sling 2 and one Zenith. Other displays of STEM-oriented high schooler builds can be seen at the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) booth, featuring two Glasair Sportsman 2+2 kit aircraft finished under the GAMA Aviation Design Challenge. All aircraft are beautiful examples built for a great cause—worth taking a closer look!

Eagle’s Nest One RV-12


  1. There’s at least one more around the corner, another RV-12iS parked at EAA’s new AeroEducate Center, built by students in Manchester NH.

  2. More high schools need to get into this program it’s a great learning experience for these young gentleman and young women to get into


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