Thank Goodness for Great Seats

They Are Worth the Cost!

Author is happy to be shutdown at KOSH after nearly 8 hours of solo flying from western Nevada to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, yesterday.

No matter how good the weather, there are challenges to flying a single-seater, like our RV-3B, to Oshkosh in one day. Nearly eight hours of flight time from our Dayton Valley (NV) airpark home means the comfort of the seat is critical! There is no extra room for fidgeting or changing positions in the compact little cockpit so I was grateful that we spent the extra money and bought an Oregon Aero, custom-made seat. Our other airplanes have various, less expensive seats and I’ve always been satisfied with them, even on the long trips to Oshkosh. But, the single-seat experience is different. You settle in and you are stuck for several hours in pretty much one position. You really feel like you are wearing the -3…not just sitting in it. So, a shout-out to the good folks at Oregon Aero for saving my butt (and my back) yesterday!


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