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A note to RANS boss Randy Schlitter: KITPLANES magazine just released the electronic version of their 2009 issue, which has the Kit Buyer’s Guide. The entry for the S-19 incorrectly identifies the construction material as tube and fabric. I don’t know if its too late to correct the print issue. Thought you might want to know.

Bruce Fox
S-19 S/N 0076

Thanks to Bruce and Randy for passing along the information. Obviously, calling the all-metal S-19 a tube-and-fabric design was our mistake, and it wasn’t brought to our attention until after the December issue had gone to press. However, we have corrected it in our online database.-Ed.


I have been an avid reader/subscriber for many years and really enjoy the magazine. The directory used to list if a plane had a folding wing option. Although many planes dont, I think that it would be helpful to include that info….especially with the LSAs becoming popular. Also, I would like to see the airfoil type that each plane uses, as that would help make educated comparisons.

Last of all, I really enjoy the Barnaby Wainfan Wind Tunnel section. I wish he would do an article on changing the thrust line of an airplane. Many people (myself included) want to use an auto engine in their airplanes. If direct drive is used, the thrust line will change significantly. I have not been able to find any information on this subject, so perhaps you could nudge Barnaby in that direction. Keep up the great magazine, as I thoroughly enjoy it each month.

Mike OBrien


Hey, guys. I have enjoyed your magazine for years and have just recently subscribed. Ive been in the market to purchase an airplane and I keep coming back to the Experimental aircraft.

One big stipulation that I need is one with folding wings. Have yall (yes, Im from Texas) run a story on kit planes that offer folding wings? If not I would love to see what options are available.

Jeff Rockwood

Good questions about folding wings. Although we don’t list this data in the printed version of our Kit and Plansbuilt Buyer’s Guides, the information is in the online database as a search field. Well take a look at adding this data point to our normal Flight Review specifications box.-Ed.

Pulsar Maximus

I was very surprised to receive the December 2009 issue of KITPLANES and see the feature article on the Grand Rapids EFIS, which was installed in my Pulsar. My Pulsar kit number is #7 and I have been working on it for over 20 years. The EFIS I specified was the Horizon HX when I placed the order a year and a half ago, and the panel was built by Aerotronics. The panel will probably be one of the most expensive ever installed in a Pulsar. The serial number on the Grand Rapids EFIS is 0003.

When I started the plane I installed a nose tank, as I was going to put the Rotax 532 up front; the panel is too deep, so I have to cut holes in the tank so the panel will fit. I have upgraded the Pulsar to XP with the Rotax 912 and have made too many changes.

Now I must quit modifying and just finish the plane before I am too old to fly (I just turned 78). Your article sure is a great push to finish. Keep up the good work with the magazine.

Bob Taylor


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