The CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium is on May 1st


Discuss the future of aviation!
Electrically-powered, computer-controlled aircraft will define a radically new paradigm for aviation. In just over 2 weeks a magnificent faculty of global aerospace visionaries will convene in the beautiful Sonoma County Wine Country to converge all of the technologies needed for the future mass market of quiet, emission-free, sustainable aviation. Don’t miss the 9th Annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium on May 1st and 2nd.

CAFE Electric symposium

Among the keynote presentations will be:

  • 5X battery breakthrough news from NREL, NTSB and several universities
  • Highly advanced new aircraft motor designs
  • Swarming sentient and cooperative robots
  • Regional, zero-emissions “Sky Transit” without roads or rails
  • Affordable electric aircraft for general aviation

The EAS 2015 program provides details and registration is open.  The event concludes on Saturday, leaving ample time for exploring the beautiful Sonoma County Wine Country.

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