Tosten Covered

Hydro coating of interior parts is gaining popularity so grip maker Tosten is supporting the process by releasing grip shells for treatment.

Tosten already has a complete line of popular stick grips, so they are not debuting any new hardware at this year’s AirVenture. But they are accommodating the latest trend in cockpit treatments: hydro coating.

Hydro coating is that water-based dipping great for transferring decorative patterns onto many different materials. Tosten has been experimenting with the process via their supplier of their long-popular soft grip coatings, but there are many sources for hydro coating around the country.

How Tosten supports their customers wanting hydro coating is to ship the left and right shells of the stick grips to the customer, who then sends them to the hydro coater of their choice. As most builders are coating multiple interior panels this allows the builder to get every part they want dipped to be done at the same time, thus assuring perfect color and pattern matching.

Once the grip shells have been dipped they can be shipped back to Tosten, who will then populate and assemble them with the appropriate switches and wiring.

If the customer wants a coating but does not have a preferred outlet, Tosten can recommend their supplier. That supplier offers a premium coating, with a base coat, followed by the pattern coat and finished with three clear coats. This gives a durable, pleasant texture; cost varies but $300 for two grips is a reasonable planning guide.


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