Van's RV-12 Now Available with Dual Dynon Skyview Touchscreen Displays


If one of the standard Dynon Skyview displays is good, two must be better… so Van’s Aircraft and Dynon have worked to create a dual display option for the popular RV-12.

Van's RV-12 with dual Dynon Skyview

It’s shown here in a brand new RV-12 S-LSA .  Both screens are individually configurable. A simple “swap” command will flip the right side display to the left, and vice versa.

Perfect for giving instruction or just taking maximum advantage of the large panel, the dual Skyview option adds to the already outstanding value of the RV-12.

The dual touchscreen is an option on the RV-12 Skyview Avionics order form for E-LSA builders, and is available as an option on S-LSA RV-12s. An optional kit that adds a second screen to a flying RV-12 with a single screen is also available.

A POH Tray mounted under the right side panel is included to replace the mapbox.

For more information the dual Dynon, or the RV-12 , call Van’s Aircraft or visit


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