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Beyerdynamic Headset Introduced

The new HS 400 Signum/Rotor headset from Germanys beyerdynamic provides passive noise attenuation for a safe flight as well as allowing you to enjoy music from your MP3 player with beyerdynamic sound quality.

The small audio box with two volume controls (left/right) enables you to connect your mobile phone/iPhone as well. While the HS 400 Signum has double jack plugs, the HS 400 Rotor is the helicopter version with a coiled cable and a single U-174/U jack plug. This lightweight headset (11 ounces) features soft skin ear seals (viscoelastic filling) and provides maximum wearing comfort, the company says. The standard version comes with ear cups in a silver metallic surface. Additionally, you can customize the HS 400 Signum/HS 400 Rotor using the company’s web site. Choose from a wide range of different materials and colors. A personal laser engraving makes your creation unique.

A five-year warranty is standard on all of the company’s aviation headsets. Suggested retail price is 289 EUR ($375 at current exchange rates). The headsets are available at select pilot shops or directly from beyerdynamic.

For more information, visit www.beyerdynamic.com/aviation.

Two cub kits Approved by FAA for 51%

Dakota Cubs Super 18-160-EXP and Super 18-LT-EXP have been added to the FAAs list of approved amateur-built kits, ensuring that the completed aircraft will meet the FAAs 51% rule when built as instructed.

The Super 18 is based on the venerable Piper Super Cub and features Dakota Cubs renowned slotted wing technology and other refinements. Dakota Cubs Super 18s feature a majority of FAA-PMAd parts, the same parts used in the construction of the Part 23-certified Super 18-180.

The Super 18-160-EXP is designed for the Lycoming O-320 and can be equipped with a variety of props, including the MT composite constant-speed prop. The kit features a wide-body fuselage that is 4 inches wider than a standard Piper PA-18 Super Cub. With more baggage capacity, modern technology and construction, and comfort, the Super 18 is a capable backcountry airplane, the company says.

The Super 18-LT-EXP is an LSA-eligible amateur-built aircraft that features a standard PA-18 fuselage to keep weight down. With an extended baggage compartment and all the upgrades of heavier aircraft, it offers Sport Pilots an airplane that uses PMAd parts unavailable on other kits. The Super 18-LT-EXP also features Dakota Cubs slotted wing and 90-inch flaps. It can be built with a higher gross weight for non Sport Pilots.

For more information, call 605/757-6628 or visit visit www.dakotacub.com.

Updated AvMap Is Here

The portable AvMap EKP-IV is now available, following years of refinements. Thinner and lighter, with a larger, brilliant color, sunlight-viewable LCD display, the AvMap offers full or split HSI screens with color moving maps, data fields or nav data.

It will store up to 15 flight plans with up to 100 legs each, and overlay the projected route between waypoints or for direct flights. The moving map is color-coded to indicate terrain elevation. There are editable checklists that can be customized to fit individual aircraft.

TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) is integrated to function with other on-board navigation systems such as autopilots, ZAON PCAS XRX, and external antenna hook up.
The EKP-IV AvMap is $1380.

For more information, call 800/221-9425 or visit www.wicksaircraft.com.

It’s Alive!

The FCC recently granted a stay of execution for 121.5 MHz ELT units and is planning a new Notice requesting public comment on the future of legacy 121.5 ELTs. You can read the complete order here: www.aea.net/governmentaffairs/pdf/FCC-11-2A1.pdf.

To submit a press release on a homebuilt-related product, e-mail a detailed description and high-resolution photograph to [email protected]. Mailing address is KITPLANES, New Products, 203 Argonne Ave, Suite B105, Long Beach, CA 90803.

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