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Dealer Sales Agreement for Titan EXP Engines

Engine Components International (ECi) of San Antonio, Texas, and Ameritech Industries, Inc. (the parent company of Eagle Engines and American Propeller Service in Redding, California) have entered into a dealer sales agreement for the Titan EXP Experimental series of new factory-assembled four-cylinder engines.

The EXP series comes in a variety of horsepower ranges: the 320 series from 154-169 hp; the 340 Stroker series from 180-185 hp; the 360 series from 175-191 hp; the 370 Stroker series from 192-205 hp; and the 409, which develops 230 hp. Engines are available in Dynafocal #1 and conical-mounting configurations, and the prop governor adapter is included on constant-speed models. An updraft cast sump is standard on most models, with an option for cold-air induction available. An angled oil-filter adapter and oil filter are provided.

Accessories packages include fuel pump, carburetor or fuel-injection system, magnetos, ignition harness, spark plugs and lightweight starter. Additional options include electronic ignitions and high-compression pistons (limited to select models).

With this arrangement, Ameritech can now offer the Experimental aircraft builder the choice of factory-built engines by Superior (XP Series) or the ECi (Titan EXP Series). Ameritech also offers its XTREEM engine series for Experimental builders looking for a more custom, high-performance engine.

For further information, call 800/292-7767, or visit www.ameritech-aviation.com.


Sunbeam Landing/Taxi/Recognition Light from AeroLEDs

AeroLEDs introduces its new Sunbeam landing/taxi/recognition light, which uses two intense light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Featuring a 50,000-hour life, the Sunbeams are produced in a rectangular format to fit Light Sport and Experimental aircraft.

The Sunbeam requires 25 watts of power to produce over 100 watts or 60,000 candela, which amounts to 1600+ lumens. Featuring wig-wag capability, the AeroLEDs can be seen in hazy daylight long before people can make out the airframe, the company says. Individual lights have a built-in pulsing capability that is nearly as effective as the wig-wagging.

Like all AeroLEDs products, the Sunbeam is completely sealed. It is protected against overheating with a built-in protection circuit and is also secured against lightning, voltage spikes, reverse voltage and under-voltage conditions. The Sunbeam is 2.8 inches high, 4.03 inches wide and 1.36 inches deep. It sells for $499.

For more information, call 208/850-3294, or visit www.AeroLEDs.com.


Pioneer Aircraft Wood Control Grips

Pioneer Aircraft has introduced its wood control grips finished with super-hard polyurethane gloss. The detailed shape has a palm rise and thumb rest that provide a natural feel for all size hands. Virtually any aircraft that requires a control-stick-style grip may use this product.

Each grip comes completely pre-wired with four switches installed. The switch face is adaptable to nearly all avionics packages, and it is serviceable, with a removable switch plate for repairs.

The price of the control grip is $348 ($259 with PTT only).

For more information, call 541/788-7203, or visit www.aircraftcontrolgrips.com.


Snap-on LED Hybrid Light Introduced

A new battery-powered Snap-on LED Hybrid Light stays cool to the touch while lit, unlike incandescent bulbs. The portable, tubular-shaped light has a high-impact lens, a rubber comfort grip and a magnetic base. The light projects 360° illumination, making it useful in engine compartments and other confined spaces. Three AAA batteries are included.

The light’s features include: tough anodized-aluminum handle and cap, high-impact tube lens, rubber molded grip, magnetic base and water-resistant housing.

The Snap-on LED Hybrid Light is available at Pep Boys stores for $9.99.

For more information, call 800/737-2697, or visit www.pepboys.com.


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