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Pilot Logbook for Android

ZuluLog, a web-based aviation record-keeping services and software provider, has released a new Android application for pilots. The app can be used as a standalone pilot logbook but is designed to work with customer accounts at ZuluLog.com. Users can enter, edit and view flights from anywhere, with or without a data connection, from any compatible Android device. Once online, pilots can sync up with their online logbooks on the web site.

The Android app tracks PIC, instrument and NVG currency. A flight counter screen tracks takeoffs and landings, approaches and holds in real time, as well as total flight time, simulated instrument time and actual instrument time, the company says.

Pilots can also use dedicated screens to track notes, squawks, nav/com frequencies, transponder codes, and IFR clearances. The app also includes reference information and pilot tools. The app is currently free for all users, though future releases are expected to be made available only to active ZuluLog customers. The company also plans to release dedicated apps for the iPhone and iPad.

For more information, visit www.zululog.com.

Zenith and UL Power Introduce Firewall-Forward Kit

Zenith Aircraft Company and UL Power North America, LLC have announced the availability of a complete firewall-forward kit for the CH 650 kit aircraft. The announcement followed the successful installation and testing of the UL350iS powerplant in the low-wing Zenith cruiser.

The firewall-forward engine package includes the direct-drive, air-cooled, lightweight and fuel-efficient UL350iS engine. The four-stroke, four-cylinder 130-horsepower powerplant ($23,450) is horizontally opposed, with FADEC (full authority digital engine control), multipoint electronic fuel injection, and automatic altitude and temperature compensation. The installation kit ($4950) includes engine mount, oil cooler, fuel pumps, propeller and spinner, and a fiberglass cowl. According to Zenith President Sebastien Heintz, the company plans to offer the same firewall-forward kit to its STOL CH 750 customers.

For more information, call 573/581-9000, or visit www.zenithair.com.

Portable aera Navigator From Garmin

Garmin has launched the aera 796—its new flagship portable aviation navigator. The aera 796 builds on the features of the GPSMAP 696 by adding a touchscreen user interface, selectable screen orientation, and 3D Vision. It also includes a digital document viewer, scratchpad and preloaded geo-referenced AeroNav IFR and VFR enroute charts, as well as a GXM 40 receiver.

The high-resolution, 7-inch touchscreen can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode. The 3D Vision gives pilots a virtual reality depiction of land and water features, including obstacles, runways and airport signposts—all shown in relative proximity to the aircraft. The aera 796 also uses forward-looking terrain avoidance capability to predict potential hazards and has amber or red overlays to highlight those areas. The price is $2499.

For more information, visit www.garmin.com.

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