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New Cub in Town

Dakota Cub Aircraft is taking orders for its Super 18-180 kit, which has been added to the FAAs list of approved kits. The two place Super Cub type aircraft is powered by a 180-horsepower Lycoming engine, has a useful load of more than 1000 pounds, and, with its slotted wings, is capable of sustained level flight at 30 mph at max gross weight of 2300 pounds. Standard features include: super-duty landing gear, 90-inch flaps, 48-gallon fuel capacity and a wide-body fuselage. The Super 18 is also available as a complete, ready-to-fly certified aircraft.

Dakota Cub Aircraft has been in operation for more than 15 years, and currently produces FAA/PMA replacement parts and STC modifications for fabric Piper aircraft, as well as both the certified Super 18-180 and the Experimental/Amateur-Built S18-180-EXP.

Kit price is $64,077 (not including engine). For more information, call 605/757-6628 or visit www.dakotacub.com.

Dynon Updates EFIS Software for Autopilot

Dynon Avionics has introduced updates for its EFIS products with its Version 5.4 software. Designed for the EFIS-D10A, EFIS-D100 and FlightDEK-D180 units, the upgrade features enhanced autopilot pitch control. Included are new user-adjustable parameters to optimize autopilot performance for individual aircraft. The autopilot now flies just as an experienced pilot would, with crisp, appropriate inputs that really seem to understand the airplane said Ian Jordan, chief systems engineer.

These EFIS products have been in service for over seven years and continue to be upgraded by the company, including the free autopilot upgrade two years ago. Its all part of our commitment to support our customers, said Robert Hamilton, marketing director. Upgrades for legacy systems comes as the company pushes development of its new SkyView system. For more information, visit Dynon Avionics www.dynonavionics.com.

AeroLEDs Upgrades SunSpot Landing Light

AeroLEDs has refined its popular SunSpot36X (PAR36 replacement) landing light and replaced it with two new models. The new SunSpot36HX draws 45 watts of power and produces 60,000 candelas, with an integrated wig-wag feature that eliminates the need for an external flash box. It is available with either a landing lens or a taxi lens. The new SunSpot 36LX draws 30 watts, producing 40,000 candelas. It does not have the integrated wig-wag feature and is available with either a narrower-beam landing lens or a wider-beam taxi lens.

AeroLEDs says the SunSpot36HX and LX will burn for more than 50,000 hours, an advantage over legacy lights that draw 100 watts of power and have a shorter life. The 36HX and LX can be operated on 9 to 36 VDC, are sealed from external elements and offer a direct replacement for existing PAR36 bulbs. MSRP for the SunSpot 36HX is $495; the 36LX price is $395.

For more information, call 208/850-0552 or visit www.aeroleds.com.

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